October 18, 2009

Discipline the Parents!

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Richard and Mayumi Heene are a disgrace to all decent parents who work hard to raise their children with good morals and values.

I considered that perhaps they need flogging or some form of discipline.

In an era where all caring parents worry over the many influences which could mislead their vulnerable children, it is painstaking enough when one encounters stories of parental abuse. When we speak of abuse most of us probably think of emotional, physical and sexual abuse. However, consider these two brazen, opportunistic people hungry for stardom to the point of intentionally using their unsuspecting six year old as a marketing tool for themselves.They alarmed an entire country and sent frenzied newscasters and police out searching for little Falcon, supposedly in a hot air balloon floating 40 miles over Colorado, when all along Falcon sat safely in their house attic. The Times reported the County Sheriff Jim Alderdeen saying that the Heenes’ entire family including 6 year old Falcon, 8 year old Ryo and 10 year old Bradford were fully involved, having “guilty knowledge.”

Now it is arguable that those children were all fully aware of the implications of what their parents had involved them in. At those ages, while there is some ability to make rational decisions, imagine the confusion one faces when one’s guardians, protectors and providers instructs or coerces one into performing a particular task that is morally questionable.

The Times reported that the police said the charade was all a “publicity stunt” for a proposed television reality show and that the couple may be charged.

Unfortunately, ultimately the children will suffer. They have already suffered at the hands of misleading, advantageous parents. If the parents feel the brunt of the law, the children will be left without their legal guardians to guide them. Which of the two scenarios should we wish on these children? That they be given an improper upbringing that may later produce societal menaces? Or that they are raised without their parents and face a host of possible challenges?

It is sad that society has meandered so far away from the time of parents being role models who are fit to discipline their children. Welcome to the era when parents need discipline themselves.



  1. Gaysh said,

    I agree. Additional point of concern for the 6 year old: If life wasn’t already going to be tough for him with the name “Falcon” imagine how much harder it’s going to be with his new moniker “Balloon Boy.”

  2. Charlie said,

    Discipline is certainly what this generation of parents need. What is further saddening is that Falcon has been socialized to behave in such a delinquent manner. So, even though he may have a change of environment, this may not be sufficient to result in a positive change. Further, separation from family can do more behavioral damage. Therefore, speedy social intervention is definitely a necessity for this family.

  3. Nicks said,

    I was actually watching the news as the cameras followed this (empty) balloon. My mother and I were both transfixed as Im sure so many other people were, imagining how scared the ‘poor six year old’ must feel. Then the baloon dropped and turned out to be empty – I went back to doing my work immediately thinking that the child was at home while my mother continued to worry about the possibility that he may have fallen out.

    What I did not expect to hear at the end of this however was that it was planned by the parents. I thought- maybe he got the balloon loose in some mischief as children do. The parents will see the consequences of actions like this later on in their childrens lives as so often happens when families wish to be in the constant glare of the media ( can I reference Jon and Kate Gosselin??) . Shame on them for bringing this kind of negative attention and bad influence to their innocent children.

  4. Anja said,

    I agree with you Alisha. Have look at this clip, what the boy says makes it even more obvious is was a hoax.

    • Ohhh yes! I felt so disgusted when I saw this! it was obvious the child was just following his parent’s conniving instructions

  5. zhangtongfei said,

    Couldn’t agree more!
    The parents need more discipline themselves, esp after so many sensational child abuse cases happened~ I can’t even image the terrible social worker herself is a mother of eight! Crazy, huh?

  6. I totally agree….I mean, I can’t believe that “parents” could do such a thing. Children ought not to ever have to experience such a thing. Their innocent minds are already being bombarded by a barrage of filthy tactics by the media to desensitize them from all the ills of society and make them tolerate abominable acts; now they aren’t even safe in the one place they should be and are being used by those who should be protecting them. I pity that family, I feel compassion for those children and if I were a parent in that community I would feel ashamed for them. Those children deserve much better… Those parents deserve much worse…

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