October 21, 2009

The Finer Things…

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This is only my second blog.  For days I have pondered on what I would write. Nothing in the news intrigued me enough. Today I did the same as every other day – I rummaged through newspapers searching for something… a complex topic…something ‘deep’ and profound.

Then I sat down in all my weariness and reflected on my day. I had not found anything complex, controversial or nerve wracking to blog about. Instead I realised there was much I could talk about right under my nose.  I decided to write on what I deem the finer, simpler things in life. Now, not everyone may find this blog stimulating their ‘bloggy’ juices but it’s a little reminder to stop and appreciate the things that really matter in life.

Outside the Tube station as I waited in the chilly evening breeze, I walked past a red rose tree with the most beautiful scarlet roses. I stopped. Then I smiled.

On the Tube, I was drifting off to sleep when peals of laughter awoke me. A very loud baby sitting in his carriage was getting annoyed at something and every time he fretted, his Mum would utter words that caused an eruption of the most heart warming sounds from his mouth. I found myself giggling on the Tube.

I picked up a Metro newspaper still in my quest for a thought-provoking blog topic. On page three, there were two rare close-up pictures of a blue-eyed damselfly. I stared into one picture and examined the beautiful blue eyes and head of this tiny but magnificent creature. Who would think such beauty could be found there? It was incredible and I wondered how we humans could miss so much breath taking splendour around us every day amid our hustle and bustle.

Earlier that day, my friend Crystal made me and some other friends chuckle profusely as she gesticulated and spoke of how she looked like a spy with a brief of equipment. It may not sound funny but it was, and hearing my friends laugh so much made it hard for me to stop laughing.

It was a good day. Sometimes we neglect the so called “little” things that make life worthwhile. A child’s laughter…nature in its glory…friends you’re lucky to have…or a best friend to go home to every day. Sometimes we all get stuck in a parochial mindset about what’s important and what’s not. But today I was reminded. And in retrospect, I’d rather call these blessings the finer and bigger things in life.



  1. its true! amidst all the things we ‘just have to do’ we often forget the finer things that life has to offer!
    = )

  2. Anja said,

    Don’t try to be a kind of writer you aren’t. Who says you’d have to write “something ‘deep’ and profound”? That’s bollocks! Write want YOU want to write about, what’s on your mind and what’s of interest to you. Relax and don’t try desperately to find an “important” topic. Just whenever something comes to you mind, take a short note, so you’ll remember later and can write about it.

  3. very creative opening, lovely writing and very relaxing fashion in presenting the topic, darling

  4. Mark said,

    A very delightfull blog. It made me smile and enjoy the fine taste of my morningcoffee. I never thought about, how delicious my morningcoffee really is.

    Thanks for this blog, it is an inspiration to live life the fullest 😉

    Looking forward to the next one 😉

    • Hehehe:) This is wonderful Mark! I am happy that I can even help you to enjoy the taste of your coffee. Even these things are to be counted! and thanks for reading..:)

  5. Very lovely~Thanx for your nice description Alisha~although I felt more like a special agent~~hehehe^_^
    Beautiful things happen to everyone, which depend on whether you can discover them, right? Glad that you have a beautiful mind so that you can notice many lovely little things ignored by many others~:)
    And don’t forget to call me Special Agent Crystal next time~hehehe~O(∩_∩)O~

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