October 25, 2009

To sing or not to sing…X-Factor Results

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The biggest shocker of the night for me in X Factor’s Results show was the announcement that the twins made it through to the second round. I was thinking that the audience has had its fair share of laughs from the Britney and Spears duo and would now move to real singing acts after all it’s a singing competition! Not entirely about singing apparently :S Although I have to admit, like everyone else I find them quite entertaining but after I laugh a couple times, I’m ready to see another act.  Lloyd made it through, leaving behind Danyl Johnson and Miss Frank to battle it out for a last seat on the next X Factor train. In the end Miss Frank was voted out and Danyl remained to sing for another week.

Here were my impressions and reflections about the “big band” performances on Saturday night:


Olly sung Steve Lawrence’s “Bewitched” and it was an apt song that brought out the timbre of his voice. Accompanied by two dancing damsels, Olly managed to sneak in some decent dance moves as well. Simon applauded him and looked somewhat pleased. I’d give him 6 out of 10. He was good but I don’t know if he has lasting power as a performer.


Lloyd performed a 60’s song – ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ and had Simon looking at him ‘cut eyed’…a word used in my native Trinidad and Tobago to describe a look of disgust or some other ill feeling. I think he felt it was a bad song choice. Lloyd sounded quite well singing that song but I felt it got too monotonous with the ‘curls’ at the end of every line in the song. Then, he did a back flip! In the middle of a 1954 song! Simon commented that it was like “eating a sandwich while you’re swimming.” Cheryl argued that it added some fun to the song and overall Lloyd got mixed reviews from the judges who felt he was good at some times but without confidence at others.


Miss Frank, never one of my favourite acts, sung the old classic “That’s Life” and modernised the song with a rap in the middle of it! I was surprised! They finally started blending their voices and they earned Simon’s nod for the first time in the competition.  But I figured their progress came at too much of a late point in the competition to give them any leverage over the other competitors. And, well..they’ve been sent home.


Rachel belted out “Rolling on a River (Proud Mary) in a colourfully, shiny dress and her usual bright pink lipstick. Simon rated hers as a “superb” performance and said it was like seeing a brand new competitor. Simon said Rachel’s former stage persona had been too serious but he was happy that she had lost the “silly” haircut. I agree except for the part with describing Rachel as a brand new competitor. I think she had set the bar quite high previously but for some reason was unlucky with getting public votes. Maybe it was the hair style? Or it could be the one thing that’s annoying about her. There’s just too much hype and exaggeration after every performance or about it. I remembered her drowning herself in self pity on camera as she sulked over how much effort she put into her performances still to get insufficient votes… or there was the contrast last night when she finally got some praises from Simon. Rachel then did the extreme opposite and sucked up to the good feedback. Arrrghhh… I think she needs to take it down a bit… but that’s just me. What do you think? Otherwise, the girl’s a star already…she looks the part and sounds it too.


This Afro wielding dude is quite good I think. He performed U2’s ‘Angel of Harlem’ rather excellently. I like that he adds a different flavour or sound to whatever he sings. But Louis said it was unfair that Jamie performed a song that didn’t fall into the category of ‘big band’ and blamed Simon on picking the wrong song. I think Jamie has staying power as a performer, because he is different from the everyday artiste. He is entertaining and has a unique stage presence. He could win this season’s show but I’m not sure just yet.


Stacey…Stacey…. She’s a favourite of mine because she can sing, she’s humble and has a personality that makes many smile. She looked stunning in a shimmering mermaid cut dress, singing the 50’s classic “When You Wish Upon a Star.” Her rendition was quite disappointing because we all know Stacey can do much better. Perhaps it was that same stunning dress to blame. When questioned on how she was coping in the dress, Stacey sent the audience in stitches saying that she could hardly breathe and move because it was so tight! You just got to love her! Lol…. Simon told her she looked better than she sounded but we can always count on her to bounce back next week. There is some possibility of her winning.


Danyl got a rare standing ovation from Simon. He’s good and has his own style but not one of my favourites. A clear favourite of Simon’s though! I could see the disgust in Simon’s face when Danyl landed in the bottom two with Miss Frank. But he’s made it for another week. Danyl can make it as a performing artiste I think, but I’m not sure if his style of singing has a wide reach and universal appeal.


Joe sounded mellow singing the groovy Michael Buble ‘Sway’. Joe got good feedback overall with Louis saying he’s got the “likeability” and reckoned that Joe would be in the competition until the very end. Simon agreed adding that Joe rose to every challenge but said that Joe’s performance wasn’t authentic because he had “as much Latin flare as a dolphin.” Like everyone else including Cheryl, Dannii praised Joe but said he looked like a little boy among the dancers. I thought he sounded rather good singing that selection and I liked his act overall. His chances of winning are probably great?…hmmmm


I will admit I had managed to miss Lucie perform every week as I’d be flicking channels between X-Factor and Strictly Come Dancing. But this week when I watched Lucy perform I was dumfounded. I hadn’t heard much talk of her but by far I felt she was the best performer for the night! She sung a 40’s classic “My Funny Valentine.” High praises came from Louis  and Cheryl said Lucie proved her wrong with her “effortless” performance. Simon thought she had “great vocals” but said she sung it “like an actress” which I did not get at all. Did he mean she was emotionally detached? Come on!!! Dannii said Lucie’s act was sensational and I think she was right on!


The Britney and Spears Goofs! Don’t get me wrong…I like them, but the performances are a lot to stand sometimes.  And it’s two of them! : S Usually it’s double the pain on the ear bells but the incredulous thing is that everyone is pushing them on! The judges (mainly Cheryl and Louis) keep saying the vocals are not up to par but that they want to see more of them as they are entertaining. It’s a singing competition for goodness sake! I know the entertainment factor is important too but at least be able to sing at competition standards! The twins croaked…err I mean sung Ricky Martin’s ‘She Bangs.’ So they’re on for yet another week to entertain 12 million viewers. Now it’s a given that the twins won’t win but I won’t be surprised if at the end of this I see them on reality TV or hosting their own show.

What did you think of this week’s performances? Who do you think will win? Post your comments!!:)



  1. youland nurse said,

    lovethe x-factor…it seem a little better than american idol….i love the voice n look of Joe McElderry…i need to know when this episode will be posted to you tube….the last one i saw was when the twins sang a hilarious britney spears….they probably another American idol Sanjaya….

    • That’s quite interesting.I always thought that the singing standards were higher on American Idol. Certainly this year’s season with Kris Allen was highly competitive! ~The videos from Saturday night’s show should have bee posted on the X-Factor Youtube site by now:)

  2. jasenogle said,

    omg, the twins suck so much! and they kicked off the second best act!
    EFF X-Factor!

  3. sheldon buckmire said,

    All for Potofcallaloo for a judge on X-Factor say i….the i’s have it, Simon has to make some room…

  4. Gaysh said,

    I hope Danyl wins!! I don’t get to see the episodes but i became a fan of his because of his first performance/audition.

  5. Tyrone said,

    I agree… the twins are real bad… I saw them on Youtube!

  6. Ben said,

    Finally, it’s all over with a not so surprising winner. Not to sure about that number one hit. Sounds depressing.

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