November 4, 2009

This Is It

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Michael Jackson’s 50 concerts in London would have been prodigious. Because he was. He was big. He was magical… extraordinary…but most amazing of all, he was human. This Is It was hard for me look at. I was reminded of how this great man enthralled many across the global with his music. But I also remembered the unhappy life he lived, stalked by an obsessive media hooked on his changing facade. On the inside though, he was still Michael – Michael who cared for nature, the dying world that we are wrecking and the people who live in it. It showed…even during his rehearsals featured in the Kenny Ortega directed movie. Michael was silly, light hearted, and high on his music, but still seeking to send messages about improving our world through impacting backdrop video that was to accompany his renditions of songs like Heal the World and Man in the Mirror. Sitting in the dark cinema in Central London, at times I found my body doing its own thing as I looked and listened to the sounds of Michael rehearsing. It didn’t sound like a rehearsal though. He was in full command of everything – his voice, directing the crew…he knew exactly what he wanted. My shoulders and head were bopping, my feet were shaking and my eyes were fixed. I wanted to dance. It dawned on me though… for a tenth…no…twentieth or maybe one hundredth time. Humanity has lost a good one. There will never be another Michael Jackson. There will just never be. This is it…the end of something good. His music has touched lives transcending age, creed and race, but sadly Michael has gone and humanity is yet to learn the lessons that he so desperately sought to share.



  1. Gaysh said,

    we didn’t get to talk about the documentary but it was pretty good. You are right, the man’s life was tremendously tragic; He gained the world but in ways lost himself.

  2. the king will live forever, i love him, listening to his music makes my day.
    i’ve grown up with two people who are crazy over him … so yes i’ve seen him change … but the change revolved around trivial matters … what really matters is what he is, his heart, his spirit, his emotions, his goals … these will live on forever …
    ‘this is it’ made it seem as if he has never physically left our world … and yet when i stop to think about it, realising he’s not here anymore, realising that he probably didn’t accomplish all his dreams, realising he could have given us more of his love … tears stream down my heart …

  3. Alicia said,

    I am not a fan of Michael and i refuse to be like others and fully become one or a person appreciative of his music. He has never really inspired me. To me he was just another musician who made music based on life, experiences and world events….just like any other..its what musicians do…For me, it was his quest to ‘be’ a perfect singer or musician that made him into what he became, from childhood to adulthood we see the denigration of a man who was tragically trying to fit in, to be normal, to be loved. It is sad that in many ways more than one, like any other human being he has only achieved this after death.
    I have great respect for him as a musician and his contribution to musical genius but he has not touched me in any additional sense…

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