November 8, 2009

Survival of the Jedward

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John and Edward have survived yet another dreaded week on the X-Factor. Now for the really sad news – Lucy Jones got voted off. Simon caused a deadlock in the judges’ votes and decided to leave it up to the public to decide. It seemed as if Lucy knew she was going home long before it was announced though. She seemed emotional soon after Simon said he would prefer to see the twins another week. Strange twist of events huh? It was the same Simon Cowell who said he’d jump on the next plane out of London if the twins won the talent show. But yesterday, after Jedward performed Ghostbusters Simon reluctantly admitted that they were “sort of” good. Yeah, ok the twins were entertaining and I actually liked their performance but I think this is really pushing it. Clearly they are becoming some kind of household name (although here in Britain Gordon Brown said they’re his least favourites to win). But since when do singing competitions kick out the real singers for the entertainers loved by audiences for their ability to prompt laughter?


Lucy sung “One Moment in Time” and seemed to lack confidence. She was a bit shy while performing but sounded quite good anyway. But who wouldn’t be lacking confidence if they ended in the bottom two with John and Edward? She has quite strong vocals and I dare say, is more versatile than the twins. The twins were their usual vocal disaster performing “I Don’t Wanna Rock Dj.” They were entertaining somewhat. But I keep bringing myself back…it’s a singing competition!!!! Sighs… the utter sadness of this X-Factor calamity led to judge Dannii Minogue (Lucy’s mentor) commenting that she wished all the good singers in the competition the best. Even Louis admitted that Lucy shouldn’t have been in the bottom two but said he had to vote for the twins since he mentored them. Cheryl and Dannii said the twins should go home. But there you go British public! You’ve voted for the twins to stay and a potential (real) singing star has gone home before even being given a chance.




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