November 15, 2009

Queen Night

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It was Queen night on X-Factor and the final seven belted out hits from the famous British band Queen.


The show kicked off with the audience ‘boo-ing’ Simon for his decision last week to let the public vote on whether to keep Lucie Jones or Jedward. Simon defended his decision but said he would never play tactics with people’s lives and that he took the decision because he didn’t feel strongly about either performance but he trusted the audience to decide. Simon said he was proud that Lucie left the show with dignity. And she did… She was rather humble.


It was a night of good performances but sadly Sunday night someone will have to go home. And I think it will be Lloyd. He was good but I arrived at my conclusion via the process of eliminating the best from the lot and Lloyd was left standing alone. That said here are some highlights from Saturday’s show.

Danyl Johnson

By far, I think the best performance of the night belonged to Danyl Johnson. He hasn’t been a favourite of mine until now. Danyl sung “We are the Champions” pitch perfectly! It was a vocally impressive winning performance!! Danyl was confident and I’m happy he took Brian May’s early advice of looking up while he sung though Danyl was scared of coming across as ‘cocky.’ Ultimately, Louis commented that there was nothing wrong with being arrogant if one’s got the talent to back it up. Cheryl was won over, Dannii thought it was his best live performance and Simon…well, he was singing along with Danyl. Good job Danyl!

Stacey Solomon

Stacey sung “Who Wants to Live Forever” and sounded brilliant. During rehearsals she got the thumbs up from Queen singers Brian May and Roger Taylor who told her she was sure to win over the audience.  And she did. It was an emotional rendition. Cheryl, Dannii and Louis were in high praises and Simon felt it was the best performance of the night. Stacey as usual, was ecstatic.

Olly Murs

Olly had to perform even after breaking his knuckle during the week but it didn’t stop his physical funk. He performed “Don’t Stop Me Now” and did some groovy dances. Dannii thought him to be the best performer in the show although musically she felt the song “swallowed up” his vocals. Louis amazingly credited him and said it was an “electrifying performance.” Cheryl said he’s in the show for the long haul and Simon agreed with Louis that Olly reminds him of Robbie Williams for his ability to entertain.

Jamie Archer

Jamie was in all his glory singing “Radio Gaga.” He displayed immense confidence and stirred the audience. I thought he was quite good although I didn’t find the performance impacting. Dannii thought it was a brilliant song choice but felt it didn’t show off his vocal ability. Louis said the song exposed Jamie as an ordinary singer with a small voice, and big hair. Cheryl thought it was good song choice but said she didn’t like his curly hair. I honestly don’t know how or why those hair comments came in but okkkk. Simon told Jamie he’s living the dream.


Lloyd Daniels

Backed by dancing girls, Lloyd was impressive singing “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.” It was a head-bopping performance and he evidently enjoyed it. Dannii told him he’s arrived as a singer…Louis concurred and Simon amazingly agreed but said Lloyd was like a “puppy taking part in the Grand National.” Cheryl was pleased. Overall it was good but I don’t think good enough to keep him in the show. I can’t think of who else would get booted off.

Joe McElderry

Joe sung “Somebody to Love” and was worried that it was a difficult one to perform.  I think the song was too much of a low pitch to show his vocal versatility but he hit a lovely high note that salvaged the entire thing I think. Cheryl shushed Simon and Louis when they tried to interrupt during her heaping praises on Joe. Dannii felt he was brilliant but Simon and Louis thought he performed better last week. Joe’s a fabulous singer but sometimes I think he lacks emotional connection with the audience.


Ok, so I’ve grown to like them. But not only me it seems. John and Edward sung “Under Pressure” and merged it with a bit of Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby”. I swayed while they sung!! I loved the vibe of the performance and I think they’re getting better! They’re becoming more entertaining and not for their goofiness. Dannii questioned how they could mix Vanilla Ice and Queen, but Louis defended the boys; Cheryl gave them thumbs up and Simon admitted that he can only judge them in “Jedward-land” wherever that is, and in that place it was their best performance. It was also nice of Simon to commend the boys for conducting themselves very well. Despite all the negativity, they’ve remained position and decent and they deserve the kudos indeed.

Fingers crossed until next Sunday results night.







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