November 15, 2009

X-Factor Madness

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Jamie Archer has gone home. He had ended in the sing-off with Lloyd, who I predicted would have been the one say bye-bye. But boy-oh-boy was I delusional. For me singing competitions are about being able to sing and don’t get me wrong both dudes can sing, but I always thought Lloyd had a more monotonous voice. He sounds nice with his curls but I felt he was lacking in variety. Jamie on the other hand, has shown that he has more versatility. That’s one thing said. The other thing – Simon and Dannii let good sense prevail. I’ve always thought Dannii to have a clear head when judging. She said for her, it was about who can sing and sounds the best. Simon as we know has always supported Jamie who he mentors. Cheryl has long had a bias for Lloyd who she mentors, and that’s fine. But my issue is with Louis Walsh. Louis clearly shows that he tries to oppose anything Simon says or anyone Simon mentors; which is nonsensical of course. He said he felt Lloyd had more potential than Jamie. As someone else put it to me, Louis is “living in the past of blond, blue-eyed boy bands.” I don’t know if this is so, but it is evident Louis is letting good judgement waste by playing petty games over who is right and wrong as judge. The deadlock in the judges’ votes of course meant the public had to decide and so it is, another great singer has gone home. But I have no fear for Jamie Archer, I think he will get that record deal and find his dream somewhere around the corner. Watch out though… next five weeks I might be blogging about John and Edward winning X-Factor: S



  1. Luis dominguez said,

    Good post! I hope John and Edward don’t win the competition!

    • Thanks Luis:) Well, we can hope but strange things have been happening on the X-Factor, so who knows? sighs…

  2. Gaysh said,

    Yea Danyl! but we all now what happens to him 😦

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