November 26, 2009

Since when did multi-cultural mean “lost”?

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Recently, the British National Party (BNP) posted a Youtube video of London’s multi-racial Northern community of Wembley, attempting to depict how Britain’s immigration policies have supposedly failed.

The video shows only images of black, Asian and Muslim people and the presenter, a BNP supporter says: “I feel like I am abroad on holidays. It’s not our country anymore. How can anyone say immigration is a good thing? This is just total colonisation and this is Wembley.”

Brent North Labour Member of Parliament Barry Gardiner has condemned the footage and called for its removal. Gardiner is MP for Brent – reported to be one of the UK’s most multi-cultural Boroughs. He said the people depicted in the video were in fact British and proud to be British. Gardiner challenged the BNP to stand against him in Brent for the next elections and see if the multicultural Borough would vote for or denounce the BNP.

But a BNP spokesperson, John Walker defended the video and said it was an example of how immigration resulted in communities with no “white people.” He then argued that Wembley’s residents are recent immigrants and that it was “ridiculous” to imply that because someone was born in Britain it made them inherently British.

“There would be little point in us challenging a seat in Wembley because as far as we are concerned places like that are completely lost but quite honestly he can keep it, it is not part of Britain” Walker said.

The BNP continues with this disturbing, unfettered prevarication which is actually inciting hate towards Britain’s minority groups. This is a clear case of breaching the peace and inciting hate against minority races and religions. Where is the law?



  1. Candice said,

    The BNP must not spend much time in London. Without it’s minorities, the system would break down totally. What do they think would happen to England’s banks – which are already in trouble – if the tax payers, spenders and such who contribute to a Capitalist society were suddenly drastically reduced in number? They only need to do the math.

  2. Gaysh said,

    I like how the BNP reporter failed to mention Britain’s colonial history. Britain can’t endorse the wonders and wealth gained from imperialism and colonialism and complain when immigrants from colonized countries take root there.

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