December 6, 2009

Final Three Left Standing

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Danyl Johnson is out of the X Factor. He was gracious in defeat. It was shocking.

Heavily touted as one of the favourites to win, Danyl exhibited great fortitude throughout the competition.It is sad that he had to go home but surely some smart record company will award his diligence and of course unique voice with a contract, hopefully.

200,000 viewers voted to keep Joe Mc Elderry, Stacey Solomon and Olly Murs in the competition. Stacey was in shock when her name was announced as a finalist.It took her few seconds to realise she survived another week. Her facial expression went from blank to relief.Olly apparently broke down when his name was called.I honestly thought he was going home this week. I was wrong, obviously. Kudos to Olly anyway. It must have been nerve-wracking awaiting those results! I can only imagine because I’m not even in the competition and I was shaking on my sofa with a throbbing heart beat!

Now that the finalists have been announced the path is being cleared for the winner-to-be of this year’s season. That is Joe Mc Elderry, I think. He has a superb voice that has remained untouchable throughout this season’s X Factor. Admittedly, I am always guilty of forgetting that Joe is in the competition a few days after the long awaited Saturday night, self labelled ‘X Factor night’ has passed. Joe has such a quiet and humble personality. Not bad criticisms at all, but against competitors who have stronger personalities like Stacey and dancing Olly, it’s a wonder I sometimes forget him. However, I haven’t heard Joe sing a single bad note. So I’m sure regardless of how quiet he is, that charming voice will render him winner in next week’s X Factor finals.  I could be wrong though, after all, stranger things have happened on this show.



  1. jasenogle said,

    Danyl was the most talented contestant. who cares if he’s ‘cocky’ or not? This year’s x-factor is garbage!

  2. Ollie said,

    Olly to win! I like to be entertained, I don’t want my music in the form of a sedative.

    • So the others put you to sleep? 🙂 I suppose everyone has their own individual tastes but I can’t deny the entertaining factor with Olly, Ollie 😉

  3. Looks like you are a real pro. Did you study about the topic? haha

  4. You are such a good prophet! Happy with the result tonight?:)) Sorry for Olly though, but I watched the final two performances, and me and Denisa just said that Joe gonna win, and he wins! hahah, seems like we have the same tastes~^_^

  5. Gaysh said,

    I wanted Danyl to win :-(. I don’t keep up with X-factor, but I was sure that the hype his first performance received foretold his earning a spot in the top 3. Well, I guess if Susan Boyle lost, I had little right to expect that early-dubbed winner would win.

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