January 11, 2010

The Politricks of Marching

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Just imagine the temerity of Anjem Choudary.

It’s offensive enough that he wants to parade empty coffins through Wootton Bassett’s streets.

But to add that he chose Wootton Bassett because anywhere else wouldn’t have gotten him the media attention?

How low.

The people of that community and mourning families reverently line those streets to pay respects to fallen British personnel.

To make a mockery of people’s grief and anguish could not be further from the Quran’s pronouncements on respecting humanity, I’m sure.

Peter pays for Paul

Yet, there are some things sadder than Choudary’s plans.

If that march is not banned, every good and law abiding Muslim will suffer the repercussions of his actions.

It would be a case of Peter paying for Paul and Paul paying for all.

But Choudary insisted in an interview with SkyNews that “we need to gain media attention in order to highlight the plight of the ordinary men, women and children mercilessly murdered in Afghanistan…we chose Wootton Bassett particularly because if we had this demonstration anywhere else it wouldn’t have gained the media attention it is now.”

His persistent pontificating has earned him nothing but Britain’s contempt.

Yet, despite calls from many quarters – bereaved families, politicians, Gordon Brown and even other Muslims, he persists.


His plot thickens.

The Telegraph was among the media to report on his plans to send bereaved families open letters promising hellfire if they didn’t embrace Islam.

Islamic Opposition

Several Islamic organisations have distanced themselves from and spurned Choudary’s plans.

One such organisation is the Islamic Centre in Luton, where an official told me most local Muslims believed Choudary’s plans to be part of a “sick publicity stunt” aimed at promoting his extremist strand of Islam and causing disorder.

He pointed out that the consequence of a similar protest in Luton by Choudary’s Islam4UK against returning British troops was a rise in racial violence and a mosque being firebombed.

“The consequences would be dire for the Muslim community in the UK” he said.

The upset official told me opposing Muslims will rally together and counter-protest Islam4UK if the march isn’t banned.

“We are deeply opposed to the war in Afghanistan and other wars this country is involved in but it doesn’t give a person an excuse to be disrespectful to those who died in the war. What Anjem Choudary has actually done is deflect public anger away from the war and turn it on the Muslims.

“Anjem Choudary is totally unqualified to speak about any Islamic matters, he’s got no Islamic credentials, they shouldn’t call him a Cleric. He’s just a publicity junkie. The media need to ignore him.

“To the Muslims he is nobody and we’re surprised the media is giving him so much attention” the official complained.

I’m honestly surprised too.


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  1. Entropy Ratfink said,

    Actually it’s not surprising at all when you consider the majority of the press in the UK is right-wing. Several newspapers were sympathetic towards the Nazis in the early 1930s and have barely progressed from there. The likes of Sky News, The Sun and The Times are run by News Corp who also own Fox News – the same people who bring us Sean Hannity and Glen Beck.

    The reason Islam4UK gets so much coverage despite being condemned and despised by every single Muslim association is because the press want to paint all non-white minorities (and some white minorities) as being untrustworthy, devious and incompatible with Britain. This is why Islam4UK has been banned whilst the nice guys of the BNP, English Defence League, English Democrats, Redwatch and so on are allowed to exist unchallenged.

    Why does freedom of speech only apply to good old whitey?

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