February 28, 2011

History in the Making

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Mohamed Bouazizi sparked protests in Tunisia when he lit himself afire

It is a dynamic thing to experience ‘history in the making’; to live in the moment when something meaningful is happening to catapult a lasting change.

Most of us have ancestors who have lived through or felt the impact of some of the most poignant history lessons taught in classrooms today – the Transatlantic Slavery, the East Indian Indentureship, the World Wars, the Holocaust, Apartheid, the Stolen Generations of Aborigines…the list is extensive.

Today our generation witnesses a powerful history lesson in the making – The People’s Revolution – the fight for freedom, equality, opportunity, for the chance to be heard, for fair rule… in the Middle East and Africa.

What began as a one man protest after Tunisian fruit vendor Mohamed Bouazizi self immolated has spiralled into a wildfire spreading rapidly across neighbouring nations fed up of despotic rule.

Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Libya and Yemen have exhibited a defiant stance of willingness to die for a better cause. The former two successfully forced their infamous political leaders out, taking their future into their own hands.

The lesson tells us we are the makers of our own destiny. There is power in numbers and where people will come together to fight for a cause, change is bound to happen. It is very possible.

Consequently, in the Middle East nations are rising up and in South Korea the army has been dropping leaflets on Tunisia and Egypt into tightly controlled North Korea. Who’s next? What’s next?
Any powerful lesson will transcend culture, race, language, creed… and this is what it is.

The Middle East is at a crossroads and the world is watching, watching closely as history writes itself.

Hopefully we will learn.

(What other lessons do you suppose the world can learn from these powerful People’s Revolutions?)


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