May 31, 2011

The Hobbit Movies get official names

Posted in Art & Culture tagged at 2:16 pm by potofcallaloo

Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit has been given official names.

The highly anticipated prequel to The Lord of the Rings will be made into two films, the first of which will be called The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, while the sequel will be The Hobbit: There and Back Again.

The first movie is set for release next December while the second part will follow a year later.

The movies are based on the highly acclaimed works of J.RR Tolkien. In the story, the unassuming hobbit Bilbo Baggins is thrusted into an epic journey to help a family of Dwarves retrieve a great treasure and Kingdom stolen from their ancestors by the fearsome dragon Smaug.

Filming for the two movies is currently underway in New Zealand with a top notch cast that features Martin Freeman as the protagonist Bilbo Baggins. Ian Mc Kellan, Cate Blanchett, Christopher Lee, Hugh Weaving, Elijah Wood, Orlando Bloom and Andy Serkis have all reprised their roles.

Critics had questioned whether the films producers were digressing from the real story after it was announced that Elijah Wood would reprise his role as Frodo, the hero of the LOTR, though he does not appear in the book.

Peter Jackson is producing the films along with Fran Walsh and Carolynne Cunningham. He also did the screenplay with Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens, Guillermo del Toro.


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