February 23, 2012

Hunting for an Egg Hog

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Artist Vicky Scott and her Egg Hog

Don’t be surprised if you’re skipping through London one of these days and you notice a most curious sight.

Everywhere you turn, the most striking giant eggs are sitting about in the most arbitrary of places, staring right back at you.

Right up until April 3, you could find yourself in the middle of The Big Egg Hunt ! (dum da dum dum…)

200 eggs specially crafted by leading artists, designers, jewellers and architects have been hidden across Central London as part of a massive charity egg hunt.

You’ll likely encounter some very intriguing eggs, standing two and a half feet tall, including ones painted as the classical Humpty Dumpty, the iconic red British letterbox, and even a tea sipping Egg Hog !

The artist and illustrator Vicky Scott is involved in the project, and is behind the gorgeous Egg Hog which has already been hidden somewhere in the capital.

Find Vicky’s Egg Hog

Vicky spent several weeks working tirelessly on this super cool Egg Hog which reflects her many moods as an artist.

Take a glimpse of her portfolio and you’ll find haunting art fusing the eclectic styles of 1920s art deco with the funk of 60s psychedelia and Art Noveau.

Vicky Scott Illustration

Vicky’s art dabbles in a bit of this and that, and in the same vein you’ll find that her images are produced with paper collages, paints and Photoshop, juxtaposing the old with the new, the past with the present. Her Egg Hog is just another addition to her unique and impressive artistic expressions.

If you’re interested in seeing Vicky’s Egg Hog, enlist your family and friends and join in on this huge egg hunt adventure.

A public challenge has been issued, and it’s not going to be as easy as you might think finding these eggnormous prizes. So if you fancy yourself as having Sherlock genes, then whip out your detective hat and eggsplore every nook and cranny of London to find these gems.

The event is organised by the charities Elephant Family and Action for Children, and at the end of the hunt, the eggs will go on auction.